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Horror Corn Maze

In 2015, the horror corn maze was born from an idea. It all began with a few frighteners. The visitors wandered through the maze and were awaited by the creatures in the corn. A few hundred visitors experienced this fun and wanted to come the following season more....

HML Team 2015
HML Team 2016

In the 2016 season, it was clear that everything would be bigger. The few Horror Nights in 2015 sold out so quickly and were so popular with the guests that it was clear to the team that 2016 would definitely have to offer more. But no one expected it to be such a success.

But in order for the team's ideas to be realised, more scaremongers were needed. The first casting of the horror corn maze was called into the world.

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The team for the 2016 season was set and ready to go. For many weeks before the show, the team was busy with scare, acting and make-up workshops, and along the way the sets were built. For an outdoor event in a cornfield, the sets were really amazing.

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Sounds, lights and fog were installed in the corn and the scenery was set up. After the last rehearsals were completed and the dress rehearsal was successful, the show finally started after a long wait. The opening of the 2016 season with the creatures moving into the cornfield and a fire artist went down well with the guests.

About 3,000 guests experienced the first show "The Portal of Darkness" this season. A huge success that naturally ensured that there was another season after the end of the season.

In the 2017 season, the decision was made for a new story. The Horror Corn Maze presented its new show "The Fifth Sector".

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New characters and scenery and more effects thrilled 4,000 visitors.

But the season also brought a new location and could inspire even more visitors like this. In the Obst-Erlebnisgarten in Futterkamp, crazy clowns and also characters from the 2016 season chased visitors through the maze. There was also an additional show "Papa Bayou's Cirque de Freaks".

In 2017, the team grew to about 45 employees who taught the visitors the fear.


This season also ended successfully.

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The 2018 season was probably the most exciting season for the team. Moving to the new location, 3 shows, new staff and a lot to do.

An old barn with large and heavy equipment first had to be cleared out and decorated.

The move into the new barn was in March 2018 - 5 months before the start of the season!

New and old staff members pitched in to make a miracle happen in this short time. Event barn and 3 shows were completed in this time.


And in between, there were also scare and make-up workshops for the staff.

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The large forest gate weighs more than 100 kilos and could only be put in place with combined forces and heavy equipment.

Fake wounds that look real. To make everything look real, everyone has to take part in the make-up workshop.

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The horror bar in the event barn was built entirely by the team.

The integration of all the equipment in the barn was very important for the team to preserve the charm and history of this old barn.

At the end of August 2018, the time had finally come. A lot of work, sweat, tears and even more sweat (remember the summer of 2018) were worth it. With a big opening ceremony, the guests and partners of the Horror Corn Maze were shown what had been created at this new location.

Since 2019 we are a pure family business + our great team, we have expanded the new location with three attractions at once. With our main attraction "Under the Spell of the Wolf Clan", we have brought a new super villain to life and into the Horror Corn Maze. Our great new logo now completes our outward appearance.

Plakat DinA4.png

With our new Zombie Outdoor Lasertag we offer you a unique attraction "Darkwood The Zombie Battleground" since 2019.

The Horror Forest was populated 
populated by the shadow creatures and their queen.

We started the year 2020 in February with filming for a new show at Pro7 in Munich. It was a lot of fun and a great experience.

With the "Ritual of Chicomecoatl" we experience our super villain Mother Vilkas in a continuation of the story from 2019. 

"Darkwood The Zombie Battleground" continues to accompany us and enjoys great popularity.

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The radio play was created during the corona pandemic and is available for purchase from us, you can listen to it on YouTube.

In 2020, the reign of the Serpent Woman ended simultaneously with Loki

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2022 Started the conquest of earth from Trappist-1

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